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KJ 2021 End of Year Concert Ordering:

Tiles and Flowers


Sous Le Grande Chapiteau Concert - May 28th and 29th 


Concert Flowers- make your day easy by ordering either 6 or dozen flowers all bundled and ready for your dancer.  Pick the day and show to pick them up. 

Just $20 for 6 and $35 for a dozen

Ordering Deadline: Thursday, May 27th


Click Here to order Sous Le Grande Concert Flowers


Tile Orders- BWAB has the option to order a personalized COVID Ballerina tile for the 2019-2020 year we all missed end of year concert AND two options for the Sous Le Grande Concert. 

All just $37 each

Ordering Deadline: Friday, May 14th


Click Here to order Sous Le Grande Concert Tiles



Rhythm and Rhyme Ordering for "The Big Show"

Order your personalized tile for your little dancer. Just $37 

Ordering Deadline: Friday, May 1st 


Click Here to Order The Big Show Rhythm and Rhyme Tile



Join us in celebrating our 2021 KJ Graduating Seniors at Sous Le Grande Concert May 28th and 29th





























































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